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Service Platform

We create the software platform and the ecosystem for providing service and maintenance for electric vehicles and other physical assets.
The traditional model of assets service must make way for a modern, more digital approach
Cybernation Uptime allows the manufacturers around the world to provide their customers the kind of real-time and connected digital experience they now expect in everything from food delivery to ride-sharing.

The platform enables transparency connecting manufacturers, service providers and assets owners in real time to optimize the experience in assets service
Physical Assets
Service for vehicles and any other tangible and nontangible assets
Companies and Individuals
For service companies of any size and self-employed professional individuals
Total Benefits Ownership
We use the Total Benefits Ownership (TBO) approach to maximize asset uptime and reduce service costs
How it works?
1. Service Request
The predictive maintenance system or the customer requests service assistance.
2. Dispatching Process
The Artificial Intelligence algorithm automatically matches customers with nearby qualified available service providers and creates service orders.
3. Real Time
Every stakeholder receives full information across incident lifecycle with real-time tracking and communication channels
4. Service Processing
The system provides the real-time management for service and work orders from very beginning to final operation.
With Cybernation Uptime is an open marketplace where anyone can start to provide service or even build his own service network
How to setup
the new service network?
The Manufacturer
Defines assets types,
service specifications,
required skills, tools, inventory
Provide service instructions and training materials
The Service Provider
Describes workforce,
available skills, tools, and inventory,
prices and work hours schedule,
operations geography
Assets Operator
Describes the assets.
Reports the incidents.
Performs the TBO analysis.

Open Service Platform
Strong shared economy market demand for open platform for service companies and professional individuals

Fast Deployment
Fast deployment of service network for manufacturers of new vehicles and other types of assets

Service Operations of Any Type
Cover all operations of service and maintenance business process

Training and Certification
Train, verify, and certify professional skills to allow access to service operations to provide quality service