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Cybernation is a team of high-level professionals who share our passion to creating something that doesn't exist to seeing an effect it has on the world around us.

We are looking for experts who appreciate the curious, encouraging,
experimental open-mind work environment in which everyone can open their talents.
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What makes us a team?
  • We appreciate curiosity, research interest, sincere emotions.
  • We are pleased to be together.
The pleasure of creating products that don't exist
  • We evaluate the work on the result. It is about greater freedom and responsibility. When you are responsible for the final product, you can work much better
  • We are demanding for the result, but we are ready to support each team's member in the process of learning and creating a product.

  • Every team member is provided by an individual plan of development.
  • We are the team of demanding experts, who tell the truth to each other.