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What makes us a team?

Energy & empathy
We value curiosity, research, and sincerity. We are pleased to be together.

The joy of creating products that have never existed before
At Cybernation you're responsible for the final product. You can work much better.
Yes, we're demanding, but we support every team member in the process of learning and creating a cutting-edge product.

Self development
Every team member gets a personalized development plan. Our employees express themselves, their thoughts and ideas freely. The environment we are creating through our interaction is one of psychological safety and as well huge opportunities.
Join us!
Cybernation is a team of high-level professionals who share our passion to creating something that doesn't exist to seeing an effect it has on the world around us.

We are looking for experts who appreciate the curious, encouraging,
experimental open-mind work environment in which everyone can open their talents.
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