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We make enterprise
All that can be done without human should be done without human.
We believe in organizations as autonomous cyber organisms that reduce human factor and cost from product design to it's manufacturing and delivery.
No human...
And business keeps going.

What the Autonomous Enterprise is?
Human free
All that can be done without the participation of human must be done without human. Eliminate human factor and mistakes.
Cost efficient
Minimize total cost and increase overall performance by changing manual processes and resources with algorithms.
UX & Automation driven
As less design and UI as possible, multi-channel and transparency between different UI and device types
Flexible & Momentary
No fixed business processes, using cognitive approach and Artificial Intelligence instead. Same date delivery: all tasks that can be done today — should be done today.
Cybernation Enterprise Platform rediscovers how enterprise ideates, thinks, decides and acts by the best what AI can offer.
We revise all enterprise processes from human addicted to human free
Autonomous supply
The manufacturers can provide a real-time and connected digital experience whatever he makes, from food delivery to ride-sharing.
Coming soon
Autonomous sales
We build best User Experience through all touch-points people meet to interact with you.
Coming soon
Autonomous service
The platform is an open marketplace where anyone can start providing service and build his own service network
Coming soon
Autonomous assembly
Flexible industrial robotics to quickly adapt production to minimize time-2-market and capital expense.
Coming soon
Autonomous engineering
We create a high-tech system to reduce errors and costs from the moment of order to the issuance of finished goods.
Coming soon
What we do is real, smart and human free...
We are looking for brightest minds and they find us to get brighter
There is nothing more exciting or rewarding then creating something that doesn't exist, and seeing the effect it has on the world around us.
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